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Facts about Dora the Explorer

In August of 2000, a young girl by the name of Dora Marquez appeared on television screens around the globe for the first time. Since, she has become an influential force in children's television, and popular culture at large. The show was an instant success, featuring the first animated Latina character in a leading role. Her cast of friends, family, and exciting, educational theme of the show have delighted children and parents alike.

The show is both interactive and exciting, educational, and upbeat. Children and parents love Dora for much more than teaching Spanish. They love the adventure, beautiful animation, and positive message.

Dora the Explorer

Here are some fun facts about everyone's favorite adventurer and the show!
Guest Stars:
Dora the Explorer has featured a wide variety of celebrity megastar guest appearances. Some names you'll recognize include Howie Dorough, Susie Essman, Ricardo Monalban, Paul Rodriguez, Richard Kind, Esai Morales, Chita Rivera, Cheech Marin, Hector Elizondo, John Leguizamo, and Rosie Perez. All have stated that it was a joy to work on the show.

Dora the Explorer has earned many awards throughout the years for it's excellent subject matter and presentation. Awards include the Peabody, NAACP, Imagen, Latino Spirit, Gracie Allen, the Television Critics Association Award, the Parents Choice Award, and a whopping sixteen Daytime Emmy nominations. I think it's safe to say that Dora the Explorer is here to stay!

Production and Broadcast:
Dora debuted in August of 2000, and was instantly a number one hit, and the first Nickelodeon preschool character to appear online before her television appearances. Over 300 people are involved in the production of a single episode of Dora the Explorer, including 75 preschoolers who serve as a test panel for every single episode, and 20 educational and cultural experts. A single episode takes over a year to complete!
The show is broadcast globally, in over 150 countries, and translated into 30 separate languages.

Dora Teaches More than Just Spanish
In America, Canada, Australia, and English-speaking European countries, Dora opens the door to Spanish education for preschoolers. In most non-English speaking countries, Dora the Explorer actually teaches English.

Dora the Explorer is more than just a happy show that teaches a few Spanish words to youngsters. Reaching over 100,000,000 children and parents each year, Dora is an international icon that has developed an empire featuring a touring show, endless products and merchandise, a spin-off show, and much more!

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