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Even though the show ended production in September of 2011, the Dora the Explorer spinoff hit, Go, Diego, Go! has left a lasting impression on children allover the globe. The show is educational and fun in nature, and features play-along elements that introduce children to the Spanish language and encourages physical activity, sing-alongs, and teaching children to overcome challenges. Diego also focuses on embracing learning, loving and respecting the environment, and helping others.

In every episode, Diego and the viewer heads out on a mission to rescue an animal in peril. Using acute observation skills and high-tech tools, as well as assistance from his young viewers at home, Diego is successful, and introduces children to a plethora of information relating to animals.

Each episode of Diego focuses on a few different aspects. Throughout each adventure, Diego and his friends aim to learn science-based facts about different species of animals. Throughout this education, he learns to recognize similarities between wild animals and humans, including air, water, and food. Diego also strives to teach about animals and their environments. Go, Diego, Go! is often a preschooler's first introduction to the scientific method.

Go Diego!

About Diego

Diego is an energetic and lovable Latino action hero. Only 8-years old, his mission is to protect both animals and their environment, while learning as much as possible about both. Both fearless and athletic, he is ready for any obstacle that gets in his way. Using a wide variety of gadgets, he takes on each challenge from a scientific approach.

Diego doesn't do everything on his own, though. His sister Alicia is extremely protective, and loves her brother deeply. From her command unit at the animal rescue center, she warns him of imminent danger via a constant video feed.

Baby Jaguar is Diego's closest animal friend. Appearing in every episode, the strong adventurer is eager and excitable. His physical attributes haven't quite caught up to his eagerness, so Baby Jaguar often finds himself in troubling situations.

Click is an anthropomorphic piece of electronic equipment that helps Diego and the viewers of the show find the animal in need of rescue.

Many other characters, both minor and major, make appearances and help Diego on his quests. One of the most popular Nick Jr. shows of all time, Go, Diego, Go! is syndicated in hundreds of countries, and dubbed into over 30 languages. Parents and children love both the educational and play-along nature of the show, and have fallen in love with Dora the Explorer's cousin!

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